Masque and Oil Moisturizer Set


Our skin receives a lot of punishment day-to-day. Pollution, dust, dirt and UV rays all can make our skin dull, as well as contribute to premature aging and skin damage.

Our Veronicare masque and oil set helps to remove impurities from your skin, leaving it soft, fresh and glowing.

As well as protecting against future damage, the active ingredients in our masque and oil combination help to reverse the signs of aging, reducing fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Our two-step system is full of natural and luxurious ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Best of all, our masque and oil are gentle enough for even the most sensitive and delicate of skins.

The masque and oil are easy to incorporate into your skincare routine. Massage the masque into clean skin, wait five minutes, wash off and apply the oil. Follow this routine two or three times a week, and you will quickly see and feel the benefits.

Our Masque and Oil Set Contains
  1. Vitaminized Oat Nourishing Masque Rejuvenates: A gentle masque that uses the protective power of colloidal oats and the skin-protecting properties of vitamin B3, C and E to reduce impurities and smooth the skin
  2. Miombo Marula Moisturizing Oil Rejuvenates: A lightweight moisturizer that not only protects the skin, but hydrates and refreshes it too. It’s suitable for both night and day 
Using Our Masque and Oil Set will

 Remove impurities from your skin, reducing the visibility of imperfections and blemishes

 Protect against the free radicals that cause premature aging and skin damage

 Hydrate your skin, leaving it moisturized, soft and plump

 Reduce dark patches (hyperpigmentation) and even out your skin tone

 Tighten and firm your skin, reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines

Your Uncomplicated Routine for Protected and Hydrated Skin

Use our Veronicare masque and oil before you go to bed. We recommend following this routine two or three times a week for the best results.

  • Prep your face with your favorite cleanser and exfoliant. We recommend Jojoba Esters Brightening Exfoliant Rejuvenates to remove dry and dead skin
  • Massage Vitaminized Oat Nourishing Masque into damp skin - face, neck and décolleté. We recommend using light pressure to increase blood circulation and leave your skin with a healthy glow. Leave the masque to dry for up to ten minutes and rinse with warm water. Pat dry


 Use fingers to apply about a half-teaspoon of masque, just like lotion, to damp face, neck and décolleté including underneath the eyes. Be careful to avoid the eyes.

 For a deeper rejuvenated skin, leave masque on as long as possible - masque can be left on while running errands or sleeping. Rinse off as usual with warm water and apply Miombo Marula Moisturizing Oil Rejuvenates.

      Key Ingredients

        Vitaminized Oat Nourishing Masque Rejuvenates

        • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): Vitamin C helps even skin tone and protect against the aging that exposure to the sun can cause
        • Vitamin B3 (niacinamide): Vitamin B3 improves water retention, helping to brighten and plumpen your skin. It also helps lessen acne, spots and skin inflammation
        • Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate): Naturally found in flowers including evening primrose and sunflowers, vitamin E intensely moisturizes the skin and stops collagen depletion
        • Maracuja oil: A 100% natural oil that comes from passion fruit, maracuja oil moisturizes and protects dry skin, as well as protecting against the free radicals that cause skin damage
        • Green tea extract: A well-loved beverage, green tea has a wide range of health benefits for the body, helping skin fight damage and inflammation
        • Marula oil: A gentle oil that smooths the skin, reducing fine lines and blemishes
        • Magnolia bark extract: An anti-inflammatory that reduces skin redness and the appearance of crow’s feet

        Miombo Marula Moisturizing Oil Rejuvenates

        • Inside Light Poet’s narcissus: Known for its anti-ageing properties
        • L22: A 100% natural and vegan lipid that will hydrate and firm up your skin, reducing wrinkles
        • Macadamia seed esters and passion fruit extract: Softens the skin and protects it from harmful elements
        • Squalene: A moisturizing lipid that not only soothes the skin, but fights the free radicals that can speed up the ageing process
        • Marula oil: A lightweight oil that helps to smooth and soften fine lines
        • Jojoba oil: A gentle, healing oil that is antibacterial and prevents blotchiness and spots
        • Acai berries: A powerful antioxidant that promotes the production of skin-plumping collagen
        • Babassu seed oil: A tropical healing oil that refreshes and soothes all
        • different skin types

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