Rice Bran Extract


For centuries, Japanese women have used Rice Bran in cleansers and creams to counter the effects of aging. However, it was the youthful looking hands of workers who distilled sake that inspired one of the first Rice-based skin care lines in the world. Rice Bran is a powerful ingredient in cosmetology. Rice Bran is the layer between the inner white Rice grain and the outer hull and accounts for 60% of the nutrients found in each Rice kernel. Considered a super food, Rice Bran is rich in over 100 antioxidants and nutrients that help achieve smooth, radiant and youthful looking skin. Bioactive compounds in Rice Bran have been widely used as antioxidants in skin care formulations all over the world, for centuries. Rice Bran extract has been proven to prevent wrinkles, diminish blemishes, absorb dirt and oil from pores, and balance natural oils. One newly discovered complex of Vitamin E (found only in Rice Bran, Barley and Palm Oil) is said to be 40-60 times more potent than regular Vitamin E. Topically applied Vitamin E helps to reduce inflammation, hydrate, rejuvenate, soften, and soothe the skin while battling the signs of aging and minimizing free radicals. Additionally, Rice Bran contains lipoic acid, known as the “universal antioxidant” which helps to protect the skin’s cellular structure by deactivating the damage caused by free radicals and boosting the activity of all other antioxidants. Rice Bran is rich in amino acids, the building blocks of life, which are essential for healthy, vibrant, and supple skin. Rice Bran also contains the moisturizing essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6, which help promote cell regeneration while nourishing and conditioning skin.


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