Plum Fruit Extract


Plum Fruit Extract, derived from the Plum Tree, is a flowering tree that produces colorful, nutritious fruits known as Plums. Plum Extract is gaining worldwide attention for its nutritive contribution within the beauty industry. When applied topically, Plums assert their antioxidant capability by reducing damage caused by free environmental radicals. Personal care formulations with Plum Extract have been found to lead to more radiant, wrinkle free, and younger skin. As an excellent source of B vitamins, Plums also impart UV protection, decrease oil formation, and prevent acne. Plum’s Vitamin C content contributes additional antioxidant properties to fight signs of aging. Plum Extract is widely known to promote skin nourishment, moisturization and improvement to skin elasticity. The extract is light in texture, fast absorbing and contributes a delicate fruity almond-like aroma to personal care products.


Shin-Ichi Kayano, Hiroe Kikuzaki, Naoko Fukutsuka Yamada, Asuka Aoki, Kumi Kasamatsu, Yuka Yamasaki, Takao Ikami, Tomoo Suzuki, Takahiko Mitani, Nobuji Nakatani. Antioxidant properties of prunes (Prunus domestica L.) and their constituent. Available:

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