Our Values



How Our Values Influence Your Veronicare Rejuvenates Products



To us, our values are what sets us apart from the rest. We are very particular about the products we offer and the processes said products go through before they reach your hands. Our beliefs are embedded into every step we take to bring you the best possible outcome we can offer. Innovation, effectiveness, and integrity are just a few of the concepts we abide by. Not only does each team member at Veronicare Rejuvenates live these concepts in their personal life, but they also embody them while at work.


Our Values

We show integrity by being honest and consistent in our uncompromising commitment to strong moral and ethical practices. We are mindful of how, and what, we take from the world around us and strive to leave an unnoticeable impact as we do. We never, ever harm animals. We source from renewable resources as much as possible. And, we’ll always tell you exactly what’s in the items you’re putting on your skin. 


We are effective in the sense that every product we launch has been tested and retested to ensure you’re purchasing something that works. Care and love go into every step of product development because of our founder’s emotional attachment to the concept of effectiveness. After years of wasting money on useless and empty promises, she never wants anyone else to suffer from low self-esteem due to problematic skin and no good skincare.  


We live by the concept of innovation and believe that science and nature are the perfect combination. We don’t think they should be mutually exclusive, and believe in the perfect synergy they create when they’re intelligently used together. Natural ingredients put through rigorous scientific testing to end up with the perfect outcome.Read More


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